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Z-504 - MUSKY
Z-504 - MUSKY

Price: $19.99

Product Code: Z-504


Hi, my name is Jay Garstecki,... I'm a professional fishing guide out of Bartlett, Illinois with over 30 years of experience. I met Mr. Rossi in 2012 at the ICAST show in Orlando, Fl and he proceeded to show me his new invention,...Ziptailz Treble Hook Skirt. I knew immediately that this little skirt was going to be something special. Wayne offered me some prototypes and asked if I would give them a try...I quickly accepted. I was totally impressed with the versatility of the skirt and how effective they were at changing the presentation and triggering a strike. As good as these skirts were, Wayne made them better. He made engineering design changes to the connector that enabled the skirt to be used on single hooks as well as trebles. WOW! what an improvement! I love these new Ziptailz 'Ultimate Fishing Skirts' for use on all the fish I target. They last forever and give a whole new dimension to fishing. When you book a guided trip with me in Southern Wisconsin, expect to see and use Ziptailz....Ziptailz Rock!!! Fish from a tournament boat with all of the latest electronics! Don't just catch fish. Learn how, why, where & when to catch fish! It's just as much an educational experience, as it is a fishing trip! Booking Special: "LIKE" www.Ziptailz.com and www.jaygarstecki.com when you book your trip with me for Largemouth Bass, Walleye or the Mighty Musky and receive a 20% discount off my rate.

Contact Information:

E-mail jgarstecki@yahoo.com
Website www.jaygarstecki.com
Website www.TakeAVetFishing.com
Phone 847-921-0760

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Sold in 2/Pack/Color...Total quantity of ProPacs is 14 Skirts