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Share a Merry Ziptailz Christmas! Your gift includes:
- Our Exclusive 6 compartment waterproof Ziplocker
- 12 of our top selling Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"
- Customized Christmas Card from YOU!
- Easy to follow instructions

- Free Shipping

Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts" are the World's First Interchangeable Fishing Skirts. This truly innovative skirt was launched in 2015 and has proven to be an effective lure enhancement for all species. Fresh water or salt water, big fish or small, Ziptailz get results. They can be used on any size treble hook and then easily removed and installed on a single hook lure such as Lead-head Jigs, Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, Ice fishing, Shaky Heads, etc....your fisherman will not be disappointed.
"When the fishing gets tough...the tough use Ziptailz"

Ordering is easy:
Just select the number of Ziptailz gift sets you want to send and then enter the shipping address's in the address box provided. We'll take it from there!
Ziptailz Christmas!

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