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Ziptailz in Action: Single Hook Lures

The Ziptailz fishing skirt is a versatile fishing accessory that can revolutionize the way you fish. After using the skirt on any treble hook lure, that same Ziptailz skirt can be used on many single hook applications such as Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, Wacky Rigs, Johnson Silver Minnow, Ice Fishing lures and on virtually all Jigs.

Use Ziptailz Ultimate Fishing Skirts on virtually any single hook lureā€¦let your imagination run wild!

The Ziptailz skirt is a lure attachment as shown in use and as an example with many lures such as Rapala, YellowBird, Johnson Silver Minnow, Jitterbug, Luhr-Jensen, Joe Bucher, Yozuri, Storm and Cotton Cordell. The video and/or photo representation of any lure with a Ziptailz is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by any company.