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Ziptailz Silicone Fishing Skirts for Treble Hook Lures

To show you just how versatile Ziptailz fishing skirts are, we've created a gallery to visually demonstrate the improved look of a lure dressed in Ziptailz. Here you can see for yourself how easy it is to use Ziptailz with various lures from brands like Rapala, YellowBird, Johnson Silver Minnow, Jitterbug, and much more. Our fishing skirts can be used with virtually all treble hook lures. Attaching and detaching takes only a few seconds and will have you improving your presentation in no time! “When the fishing gets tough…the tough use Ziptailz!”

Fishing just became a lot more fun with fishing skirts from Ziptailz!

The Ziptailz skirt is a lure attachment as shown in use and as an example with many lures such as Rapala, YellowBird, Johnson Silver Minnow, Jitterbug, Luhr-Jensen, Joe Bucher, Yozuri, Storm and Cotton Cordell. The video and/or photo representation of any lure with a Ziptailz is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by any company.