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Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have many single and treble hook lures. Which Ziptailz skirts should I buy?

A. That's easy...there is only one size. The specially formulated tri-wing connector will fit any treble hook and it has a pilot hole in the center of the connector that will accept single hooks. The 1" standard skirt length provides just enough target to prevent short stikes...when a fish hits a Ziptailz skirt, it usually gets hooked. Your decision is all about color...and we have dozens of them!

Q. Are Ziptailz difficult to install and remove?

. No, on the contrary, Ziptailz are very easy to install and remove. For treble hooks...look at the top of the skirt to find the Tri-Winged Connector. Thread one of your hooks through a slot then the second and the third. Avoid twisting the wing...they should all be flat with no twists if properly installed. Grab the skirt and gently adjust it so that it is centered at the hook bottom and you are ready to go. To remove, simply reverse the process.

For single hooks you will not be using the 'wings' of the connector. Simply push your single hook through the center pilot hole. You will feel a slight puncture at the base of the hole as your hook goes through. This is what keeps the skirt in place on either a hook shaft or fishing line. To remove, reverse the process but be careful not to drag any skirt strands back through the hole which might get caught on the barb.

Q. Will Ziptailz deteriorate after exposure to the sun?

No. The tri-wing connector and the skirt are made of a specially formulated material that is extremely UV resistant.

Q. Are Ziptailz durable?

A. The connector on the Ziptailz is made from a custom material that provides very good tensile strength and terrific elongation properties. This combination provides for a very strong and durable product. If these are used for Texas or Carolina rigs, you will go through many bags of plastic baits before you need to replace a Ziptailz. These skirts are certainly not indestructible but will likely exceed your service life expectations.

Q. How do Ziptailz hold up to the sharp teeth of a predator fish?

A. Great! Extensive field tests in Manitoba, Canada and on Lake of the Woods showed that the hook itself protects the Ziptailz from the sharp teeth of the trophy Northern Pike and the giant Musky. The vulnerable parts of the connector are tucked under the treble and usually don't come in contact with teeth.

Q. Will Ziptailz effect the motion of my lure?

A. In most situations, Ziptailz will enhance your lure performance. However, Ziptailz doesn't like "walking the dog"...the skirt seems to act as a rudder and sometimes counteracts the intended motion. Use on popping type surface lures is terrific. The smallest of lures will work best by trimming the length of the skirt.

Q. I fish both fresh and salt water. Can I use the Ziptailz in salt water?

A. Absolutely. The specially formulated material of the Ziptailz will not be effected by salt water.

Q. Can Ziptailz be used on a single hook?

A. Yes! That's the real beauty of the Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts". Remove the Ziptailz from your treble hook and you will notice a hole in the center of the connector. Simply slide your single hook into the hole and let the hook pierce the material at the base of the hole. Your Ziptailz will stay nicely on your hook shaft, jig collar or even your fishing line if you are fishing with a Texas or Carolina rig. The 'wings' in the Ziptailz are not used for this application but should not be removed. When you want to go back to using your treble hook lure, simply reverse the process to remove and then use the 'wings' on your treble hook.

Q. Once I install Ziptailz on a lure, can it be removed?

A. Absolutely! In a matter of seconds you can remove Ziptailz from either a treble hook lure or a single hook and attach it to another lure or you can change colors on the same lure.

Q. What colors are available for Ziptailz?

A. Color is extremely important to the species of the fish as well as the area of the world being fished. Ziptailz comes in dozens of colors. If we don't have it, please ask.

Q. I like to fish for specific species but I'm not too sure what colors to pick...can I get recommendations from Ziptailz?

A. Yes you can. You can call Ziptailz at 1-302-677-0591 and talk to a member of our ProStaff or you can select ProPacs on our web-site and select from the pre-selected colors for the species you are fishing for.

Q. Where can I buy Ziptailz?

A. Only at www.ziptailz.com