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Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirt" is on the left. Mr.Twister on the right. Ziptailz preferred again!

Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirt" takes on the Mr. Twister Jig.
Ziptailz is on the left

Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirt" does it again. Ziptailz is on the left and again gets picked over the mighty Mr Twister!!!

Jim & Barbara Reedy after their first day of using
Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"

Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts" Patti is putting on a clinic with a Strike King DT Crankbait and Pink Ziptailz!

Ice fishing in Manitoba Canada. This Northern Pike was a picky eater but couldn't resist the Zip!!!