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2012 Testimonial of Original Ziptailz Treble Hook Skirt
My name is Bob Stein and I have been to Gods Lake in Manitoba, Canada on an annual fishing trip for twenty years in a row. Elk Island Lodge takes good care of me and the fishing is great! Slow fishing days are few and far between and even a slow day at Gods Lake is a great day of fishing compared to anywhere else.
After a “slow” day in 2012, I was enjoying a great dinner at the lodge with my brother, when I met Wayne Rossi. Wayne and I were discussing the days fishing when he asked me if I wanted to try a new lure idea he was working on. Wayne stated that after a relatively slow day on God’s Lake in 2011, he came up with an idea to add color and motion to any treble hook lure. Shortly thereafter he invented Ziptailz and started a company to produce this quick and easy lure attachment for treble hook lures. Although Ziptailz would not be on the market until 2013, Wayne gave me a few to try the next morning. They were colorful, slipped easily onto my treble hook and I was excited to give them a try.
The next morning on the lake, the first thing I did was attach a pink and white Ziptailz to the treble hook of a three inch “half wave” spoon. On my very first cast I caught a 40 inch Northern Pike…..an awesome fish! Then on my third cast with Ziptailz, I caught a 39 inch Northern Pike. A few minutes later, Wayne pulled his boat next to mine and asked how I was doing. I excitedly told him of my success with Ziptailz…..he was delighted with that report!
I later got Wayne's business card and told him I wanted to order some Ziptailz as soon as they became available. I spoke to Wayne several more times over the next few months to get an update on when Ziptailz would be available on the market. As soon as they became available, I placed a large order.
Next month, I leave for my 2013 trip to Elk Island Lodge at Gods Lake. Not only will I have a plentiful supply of Ziptailz for myself, but I will take enough for my brother and our fishing buddies as well. Ziptailz are an irresistible addition to any treble hook and from now on they will be a regular part of my fishing tackle. Thanks Wayne!!! (Bob Stein - Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia)

2012 Testimonial of Original Ziptailz Treble Hook Skirt
My name is James Lapointe and I have lived and fished in Manitoba Canada all my life. I have been professionally guiding guests to catch trophy northern pike, lake trout and walleye for 20 of my 52 years. The most recent years, I’ve been guiding at Elk Island Lodge on God’s Lake which is where I met Mr. Rossi.
It was a day in June of 2011 when Wayne and his wife Patti were throwing the ‘heavy hardware’ trying to hook up with a trophy northern. We were in one of the rare dry spells when I remember Wayne commenting about how nice it would be to be able to add a tail to his silver Doctor Spoon. We talked about how difficult it is to add anything to a treble hook and I remember we concluded that replacing the bare treble hook with a new dress treble hook was the only option. Wayne mumbled “there must be a better way” and that was the end of that.
The next year, 2012, Wayne & Patti showed up again ready to catch the big ones only this time Wayne had a very cool looking skirt that he was anxious to test on the Canadian fish. He told me that they were silicone skirts specifically designed for treble hooks and he called them Ziptailz. I thought the idea was very clever but I had serious doubts whether they would hold up to the toothy critters. Wayne explained that he hoped the treble hooks themselves would protect the Ziptailz from being bitten off. Only time would tell…..
It didn’t take long to ‘test the zips’! In the first 2 hours of casting, Wayne and Patti caught all 3 species of game fish in God’s Lake including the large laker shown with me in the picture…look closely and you’ll see a white Ziptailz attached to an in-line spinner. This was proof to me that Ziptailz would work on any lure with a bare treble hook. The Ziptailz held up great to the sharp teeth of the pike….the hooks did protect the tail. We continued for 3 more days routinely catching fish on the ziptailz which included 3 trophy Northern Pike which have to be at least 41” long. I was amazed at how quickly the Rossi’s changed out the Ziptailz adding a different ‘look’ every time.
I’m now a true believer and can’t wait to get more Ziptailz in my boat to ‘impress the guests’! Thanks Wayne and Patti!!!
James Lapointe

2012 Testimonial of Original Ziptailz Treble Hook Skirt

My name is Jay Garstecki and I own a small company called 3D Picture Place (www.3DPicturePlace.com) which manufactures & sells 3D (Lenticular) fishing & hunting pictures. We are ICast “Best of Show” winners two consecutive years in a row (2011 & 2012) for our products. This (ICast 2012) is where I met Wayne Rossi.

As a professional angler, many products are “field tested” well before they ever hit the consumer market. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as an ambassador to this bait prior to its release! Wayne introduced me to Ziptailz a year ago & I have been fishing with them ever since! From Bass to Walleye to Musky – These Tails make a difference when you need to “shake things up a bit”. On several occasions I’ve been in a situation where the bite is anything less than “stellar”. In an effort to get a bite going, we will often try new techniques to get a reaction strike. Adding a Ziptail to the treble hook of some of your favorite baits is often times the answer! It gives the bait a different profile in the water which often times will trigger a strike! It takes two seconds to add a Ziptail to a treble hook, but it will last for a lifetime! The construction of this bait has allowed me to catch multiple fish with ZERO wear & tear on the tail! The fact that there are so many colors and styles to choose from, allow me to “match the hatch’ of the forage baitfish. This product is going to be a game changer in our industry. Pro’s are constantly looking for that “competitive advantage”, and the ability to make (subtle) but effective changes to proven baits is often times part of our overall strategy. Ziptailz do that!

I’m a believer! I will continue to use and promote this great product. Thank you to Wayne Rossi for creating such a great new product! Much success!

Jay Garstecki


2015 Testimonial of Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"

Hello, my name is Brandon Jennings and I am Founder and President of the Louisiana Bayou State Crappie Association, (BSCA). I am a crappie enthusiast and I have been fishing for crappie exclusively for over 20yrs. I am also a Bass Pro Shops/Pro Staff Member, actively pursuing and promoting the sport of Crappie Fishing through my seminars, demonstrations, club organizations and media coverage. I have most recently been a guest on the popular TV Series, Krappie Kings Television featuring Shallow Grass Slabs of Lake D’Arbonne.

I was first introduced to Ziptailz by owners, Wayne and Patti Rossi during the 2014 Crappie Masters National Championship in Greenville, MS. Of my many encounters with people and products that day, this would be the one experience that stood out above all the rest. Not only had the product itself grabbed my attention, but the personalities and great hospitality of Wayne and Patti had left a lasting impression!

Once I returned to my home in Louisiana, Ziptailz would not leave my thoughts. I could not stop thinking about the endless presentations and versatility of this product. Since I had a few of the Ziptailz proto-types in my possession, I took the short trip to one of my favorite hot spots to try them out. My results were amazing and I quickly added many Crappie to my live well. I knew that I had to contact Wayne and Patti about their product and get involved. The rest is history, and I am now proud to be a Ziptailz Pro Staff Member!

Ziptailz New Ultimate Fishing Skirts can be used for any species to improve presentation… from crappie jigs to crank baits, treble hooked spoons to Carolina rigs…Ziptailz can handle the situation. I prefer to fish my “Zips” in a simple presentation as a jig skirt accompanied by my choice of trailer, or solo with only the Ziptailz skirt and my favorite jig head. I fish this in a vertical jigging presentation with phenomenal results. The “skirt” enhances the larger profile of the bait and stimulates that “reaction bite”. With an unmatched color selection, these versatile ultimate skirts are easily paired with numerous combinations of trailers and body jigs to create a unique profile to trigger more strikes! Another “great benefit” to this unique product is this simple fact. Due to the design of Ziptailz, these skirts are used over and over, again and again, trip after trip! Unlike a body jig or plastic profile bait, Ziptailz will not tear or wear out from use or from changing from one presentation to another. Catching fish after fish on the same skirt saves me money, time, and frustration. These are very important details to consider on your next trip! Make your next trip a “Ziptailz Experience”, you can thank me later!

2015 Testimonial of Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"
Hello my name is Jason Wayne Hunter. As a Professional Bass Angler, I am always on the lookout for a new product to give me that extra edge I need in competition. Several months ago I was approached by Wayne Rossi and asked to field test his new product invention, Ziptailz 'Ultimate Fishing Skirts'. I had never seen anything like it so I was intrigued but in all honesty I was a bit skeptical about the claims Mr Rossi was making. The truth is...there is nothing magic about Ziptailz. It is a small skirt that can be put on a treble hook lure or a single hook. What impresses me is that the skirt changes the color and presentation which very often triggers a strike. They are extremely tough and can be used over and over again. The Ziptailz moto is "When the fishing gets tough...the tough use Ziptailz" and that is exactly right. Ziptailz is not a gimmick that you install on every lure and hope for the best...it's a tool to be used when the bite is off. I've proven it time and time again. As a competitive Bass angler fishing the Extreme Series Tour I feel Ziptailz give me not only an advantage but also a huge boost in confidence. I progressed from field testing a cool innovative product to never leaving the dock without them. I want to personally thank you Wayne Rossi for creating an awesome product. "When the fishing gets tough...the tough use Ziptailz"...believe it!!!