Ziptailz "Ultimate Fishing Skirts"

"When The Fishing Gets Tough...The Tough Use Ziptailz"

“Necessity was the mother of my invention”…..well, maybe not necessity but certainly frustration. In the spring of 2011, while fishing for trophy Northern Pike deep in the Canadian province of Manitoba, I found myself in one of those ‘fishing dry-spells’ that can quickly turn normal fishing enthusiasm into frustrating boredom. I recall wishing I could dress my plain, bare treble hook with some bright colors and maybe even add some motion to entice these predator fish. It quickly became clear that my only option was to remove my bare hook and replace it with a new, dressed hook……that would be a major hassle but I wish I had one!

It became apparent to me that changing out a treble hook for a dressed treble hook was not practical. I thought “there must be a better way” and on September 7, 2011, Ziptailz “Treble Hook Skirts” were born!!!....a quick and easy way to add color and motion to any of your treble hooked lures. With Ziptailz, you can install and remove a dressed skirt on any bare treble hook in less than 30 seconds!

In 2013, Ziptailz was launched at ICAST were it was considered truly innovative and received 'best of show' recognitions by many industry publications. Even with this terrific reception of our new product, good wasn't good enough for Innovative Fishing Products. So in late 2013, IFP went back to the drawing board and redesigned the connector to accept single hooks as well as trebles. Now, you can easily swap from trebles to singles and vice versa in seconds.

All of 2014 was spent proving the new concept and our results were amazing! This new feature opened the door for Ziptailz to be part of every fisherman’s arsenal. With this new found capability came a new name ……Ziptailz “Ultimate Fishing Skirts”.

"When the Fishing Gets Tough...The Tough Use Ziptailz"

See You On The Water!