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Please allow me a few minutes to show you the Versatility, Flexibility and Effectiveness of this brand new fishing lure skirt. Thank you....Wayne

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Team Ziptailz returned from NW Ontario while fishing with a group of 12 men from the Midwest...Ziptailz took largest Walleye, Largest Small Mouth Bass, Largest Northern Pike and 4th Largest Musky.

SALE SALE SALE!!! Ziptailz Summer Sale is 3 for 2 pricing. Now is your chance to stock up on the world's most unique and effective fishing skirt! All $3.49 dual-packs will be loaded with 3 skirts and even our best selling Propacs will have 21 skirts instead of 14. Propacs are designed by our pros to best match colors to your targeted species. You'll get 7 colors, 21 skirts for just $19.99 AND free shipping!!! Come on in and check us out!!!

Ziptailz is now offering hats on our accessory page. We have a solid back, a vented back and a visor. All hats offer the embroidered Ziptailz logo in red. Check us out!

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What Our Customers Think

“On my very first cast I caught a 40 inch Northern Pike…..an awesome fish! Then on my third cast with Ziptailz, I caught a 39 inch Northern Pike.”

Bob Stein

“This was proof to me that Ziptailz would work on any lure with a bare treble hook. The Ziptailz held up great to the sharp teeth of the pike….the hooks did protect the tail.”

James Lapointe

“Adding a Ziptail to the treble hook of some of your favorite baits is often times the answer! It gives the bait a different profile in the water which often times will trigger a strike!”

Jay Garstecki
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Are you ready to change the way you fish? Straight from the great minds at Innovative Fishing Products, Ziptailz brings to you the world's very first handmade, fishing skirt that is interchangeable between treble and single hook lures. Our silicone skirts make it easy to use on essentially all types of fishing lures. Choose from an extensive selection of incredibly vibrant colors that work amazingly well to attract all kinds of fish. Our fishing skirts are one-size-fits-all, so you'll never have to worry or make adjustments. With the ultimate combination of color and motion, Ziptailz surely has the right skirts for you!